Chaos Tackle

EA Killer Tails

Esox Assault Killer Tails help to solve the problem of getting a plastic trailer onto a treble hook. The treble hook model of our tail is molded with a hole down the middle of the body so that it can slide onto a treble hook with ease. Great add on accessory for bucktails. But also a great option for crank baits, jerkbaits, and even top waters! The 6" size works well on hooks in the 2/0 to 5/0 size range. Try the 7.5" size for 6/0 and larger hooks.

EA Mag Flash

Esox Assault Magnum Mylar is 1/32" thick. It is available in either Full (128") or Half (64") Hanks. Custom mixed Hanks are available upon request.

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