Chaos Tackle


The perfect walk-the-dog lure. Easy to work and an easy target for the muskies.

6" 3.2 oz.

Big Mama

The lure that started it all. A large profile walk-the-dog lure with a record of huge fish.

7.5" 3 oz

Twis'td Sis'tr

A tail bait with a distinctive pop. Made with thin wire and a swivel front hook. Steel blade is easy to tune and stays tuned.

5.75" 2.9 oz.

Twis'td Sis'tr Clicker

Same attributes as the Twis'td Sis'tr with center post that hits the blade to produce a metallic clicking sound.

5.75" 3 oz.

Psycho Sis'tr

A large profile tail bait that moves a lot of water and can produce fish in heavy chop or calm conditions.

6.75" 3.9 oz

Dirdy B

A prop bait that can really raise a ruckus. Counter rotating front and back blades froth up the water and attract fish from a distance.

6.5" 3.8 oz

Obnoxious B

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